1. Television Production Advisory

With our vast experience in television content production, we provide advisory and consultancy to our clients, in their budgeting, crew requirement, equipment related issues, etc. It is important for you to ensure that the content production process run smoothly and achieve your intention within your budget. We will provide you with our professional and practical experience and expertise starting from pre-production, during production and post-production works.

2. Internet / Social Media Production Advisory

Whether you need help to create your own online TV Channel, need guidance on tendering for a film, or need help managing a production company, we can give you the benefits of over a decade of experience.

We would provide you with online video strategy:

• How an online video presence can influence the power of your message

• How to maximize the impact of the online video on your audience

• How to reach your audience

• Setting up your own TV Channel

• Costs and timelines

There are not many films or videos appearing on the Internet these days, that don’t also have a social media aspect connected with them. Whether you require a full social media strategy to promote your programs or simply wish to offer viewers the opportunity to share the film with friends, we can help advise, implement or manage the social media aspect of your project.

Our social media services include the following:

• Advising on a social media strategy to suit your needs and budget

• Implementing a social media strategy

• Designing and creating social media options around your completed online video

• Feedback on how your film is being shared via social media networks

3. Research Services

It is very important to plan everything. In a television / media / internet content production, where the cost may reach of millions of dollar, one bad plan may ruin the entire production which may bring a production house to a huge loss or even bankruptcy.。

Therefore, we offer our research services to ensure that you have a detailed and elaborate plan in your content production.

With our knowledge and experience, we will sit down with you to ensure that your production will reach the intended target market, provide you with creative ideas and within your budget.

4. Budget Advisory

We will also assist producers and broadcasters in the financing of their programming and the structuring of their finances. We are able to provides assistance in:

• Accessing Industry and Philanthropic funding

• Finding Co-Production partners

• Finding appropriate TV platforms to satisfy sponsorship requirements

• Accessing production loans

• Accessing equity to invest in the copyright of productions where the secondary sale rights might have value

• Evaluation of the foreign exchange risks involved in cross border transactions and assistance in minimizing FX transaction costs

• Other areas relevant to the funding of TV productions

The proliferation of broadcasting platforms has inevitably brought about the situation where a proposed production quite often requires financial budgeting as well as production skills. We have a team with the financial budgeting skills necessary to help producers succeed in today’s environment.